• me: [gently touches the sleeping cat]
  • cat: [makes a tiny cat noise]
  • me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo ohh noo ohhhhh nooooooo oh no oh nooooo oh my god oh noooo
i made my own tag meme
  • why is
  • im gonna
  • dont
  • i cant
  • look at
  • where
  • stop

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Reblog if you have read fan fiction better than some published books





Help me prove a point

I have never reblogged anything faster.

Unfortunate for the books, but speaks loads about the quality of some fan fics

Oh, hell yeah. Anything by incandescens can stand on my bookcase any time.


We interupt your normally scheduled ferret cuteness with some more ferret cuteness (and some shameless self-promotion starring one of your mods)!

This is my video submission for the Hobbit Fan Contest guest starring Smaug! As Smaug. If you can please retweet me!

Also as a thank you for our followers we’ll be hitting 1k soon so that means a giveaway is coming up! So please keep an eye out for that as well as some more pictures and videos of your favorite ferrets!


i have this headcanon where no matter what AU you try to put ludger in, in order to save him, everything always ends up messed up in a tragic way sooner or later